4 Reasons to promote remote working


Here, in Bressly, we’ve decided to use the COVID-19 worldwide situation, to test remote working in our company, and now we want to provide 4 high-value reasons, why remote working is good for business.

1. Remote working increases productivity

We’ve come across study after study and blog post after blog post about why remote workers tend to be more productive than office workers. It’s difficult to pinpoint but we have a strong feeling it comes down to responsibility. It’s much easier to get a strong center of gravity on the people in a remote setting where the only thing you have is each other and no office spaces to distract you from the overall goal. Also, we believe, that working in pajamas is more comfortable, and comfort is the main guarantee of productivity.

2. It helps to save money for other business needs

The insurance giant Aetna sheds 2.7 million square feet of office space resulting in a cost-saving of $78 million per year. The cost-saving implications of remote workers alone make it a huge draw.

So businesses will be able to save money on office space rental and supplies.

3. Remote workers are healthier

Numerous studies and research show that certain aspects of in-house work have negative effects on mental and physical wellbeing and these can be mitigated or reduced by working remotely.

Also, the risk to infect by different types of viruses (Including CoVID-19) will be decreased.

4. There is a big choice of talents

The business will not be limited in who it can hire, based on location and timezone. Remote workers change all of that as you open yourself up globally.


So, forcing a remote working style can be a good choice for your business, although it requires some coordination and commitment from the team side.


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