10 pro tips to write selling Upwork proposals: Based on real practice


If you ever used Upwork or doing freelance via this popular channel right now, you must know that the most important part of Upworking is to have an ability to write great and selling proposals.

But most of us ever faced the problem that we are spending our time and money to sent hundreds of proposals and not getting any result.

So here are some pro tips on how to write engaging and selling Upwork proposals that clients will love.

1. Answer custom questions correctly

Here is the little nuance from Upwork. On the client interface, the answers to specific questions are displayed higher than the main cover letter. So if you are writing a great cover letter, but at the same time answering questions like this, “I’ve already answered your question in the cover letter”, the client will see this sentence before your cover letter and this will affect a negative first glance for the customer.

2. Showcase numeric data to show your professional level

While you are telling about the works you’ve done and the motivation you have to do a certain job, clients always need to see the real and accountable data about your portfolio. So the best you can do, showcase your work with numeric data, for example, “450+ WordPress websites created”, “100% Job success rate”, “18 happy clients” etc.

3. Showcase your specialties

Working with a T-Shaped person with strong general knowledge helps to get the job done better in a shorter timescale. Clients know it, but they also want to be sure that you are the specialist they are seeking for a certain job and you have strong domain knowledge.

Upwork takes care of this problem. It offers 2 types of public profiles, “General” and “Specialized”. You just need to create up to 2 specialized profiles and chose the profile you want to show your client while submitting a proposal.

4. Tell the most important

One of the best practices of “Elevator Pitch” is to tell the maximum of 5 valuable reasons why the client must trust you. Upwork proposals are based on the same model as “Elevator Pitches”. You need to write only the most important about you considering the client’s interest. 

5. Show your emotions

We all are people and our thinking mostly based on emotions of the moment. So you need to touch not only the client’s interest. You need to touch his/her heart. Your client must trust and like you from the first reading of your proposal. To get this done you need to follow the below principle.

6. The topic of any proposal is not you, it’s the job you are submitting for.

Don’t forget that your client needs to find the resolution of the problem he was posted. If you are writing too much about you and your achievements, in many cases the client will not find the value in your proposal. The value for the customer is a solution that you are able to provide. So keep in mind to recheck proposals and find there a solution before you are submitting.

Let’s sum-up this post, and create a checklist of every successful proposal.

Give formed and correct answers to custom questions.

Focus on numeric data. Don’t write about portfolio without magic numbers.
Create Specialized profiles
Focus on important. Try to showcase important topics and exclude unimportant ones.
Show your emotions regarding the job.
Don’t write about yourself, write about a solution.


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